Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Simple Cleansing Bath

There are times when things feel a little off. Not horrible, or major feelings of anxiety or dread, but you just don’t quite feel yourself. Spiritual messages and dreams aren’t quite coming through as you usually experience them, and so on. If this is the case, you may be carrying around some spiritual ‘ick’ and maybe you’ve picked up a random dead or two. The vast majority of the time, this can be taken care of by the type of simple spiritual bath described below. There are many variations and recipes, but this is one that works quite well for a wide variety of spiritual maladies. Keep in mind, though, that getting rid of negative energy and spirits is sometimes like scrubbing away layers of grime. You may need to repeat the process a few times, say 3 or 7, before you feel all new and shiny again. Also, sometimes, there may need to be a cleansing of your living space to go along with this. This may be sometime post soon.

Good times to do this are, well, anytime! However, this is especially effective just before the dark of the moon and the end of the year.

Items you’ll need:
·        White candle (taper or emergency)
·        Metal basin or large bowl (preferably white)
·        Colander
·        Pot of water to be heated on a stove
·        Holy Water
·        Florida Water
·        White rum (or aguardiente)
·        Cigar
·        Dry Herbs: Rosemary, Hyssop, Rue (other herbs can be added, but keep it to an odd number)
·        Salt
·        Bible

First and foremost, light the white candle, pray to your spirits, asking them to bless, guide, and protect you, and then place the candle on the stove. Fill a pot of water, and heat it up on the stove on medium heat. As the water is heating up, place the colander in the basin or large bowl, and add the herbs. Next, light your cigar, blow smoke on the herbs (traditionally this is done by placing the lit end in your mouth and blowing the smoke out the other end), and then talk to them and tell them what their job is.

Once the water is a little more than warm, but not boiling, pour it into the basin or bowl. Let the herbs soak at least 5 minutes, then lift the colander out, and place it in the pot or on a separate plate. As you pray, add the Holy water, Florida Water, and salt. Then take the white rum or aguardiente and spray it three times into the basin or bowl (this takes practice, and if you can’t spray it, then just take it into your mouth and spit it in.) Blow cigar smoke into the bath. Pray Psalm 51 over the bath.

Take the bath and white candle into the bathroom. Strip down, get into your bathtub or shower (it helps if you’ve taken a regular bath or shower before hand), and, while standing, pour the bath over you from head down. Make sure some falls on your back and some goes on your front. Then you let the bath drain and you air dry. If you’re cold, you can pat yourself with a clean towel. Once dry, put on clean, light-colored clothing, and cover your head with a light-colored cloth. Remain indoors the rest of the evening, avoid becoming intoxicated or high, and sleep with the head covering until the next morning. You can even place a bowl of water under your bed for the night to catch anything remaining around you, and throw this water out of your house the next morning. Take the left over herbs and sprinkle them outside around your house, if possible under the steps to your place. 

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